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2021 Breeders Incentive for Foals of 2021 due by Aug 15

Breeders please inform your owners (the dams you bred)  about this.

Below is the Breeders Incentive form for FL Sire and Out-Of-State Sire & rules for Foals of 2021: due by AUG 15

*For Foals of 2021*

The foals must be registered with the USTA FIRST and then the FSBOA on or before August 15, 2021 with a copy of the USTA certificate or proof from USTA with the form attached.

2021 Out of State Foal Certification

2021 Apoted Rules for Out of State Foal

2021 Breeders Incentive letter

2021 Breeder Incentive form FL Sire only